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School Menus & Info
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Our department is committed to creating a healthy food environment.  Menus are planned by a Registered Dietitian and include input from parents, staff and students.  The menus must meet dietary guidelines for calories, saturated fat, sodium and vegetable sub group offerings.  We believe in giving students a variety of healthy options and we offer the Fruit and Veggie Bar daily.  This a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables offered daily on each serving line at lunch.  This has increased consumption of fruits and vegetables in all of our schools.  

A lunch meal includes foods from the five food groups- 2 oz of grains,  2 oz of protein, 1/2 cup fruit, 1/2 cup vegetable, 1 cup of milk.  Students may choose all of these or they may choose at least 3 out of the 5 with one being a fruit or a vegetable. 

A breakfast meal includes 4 items and students must select 3 of the 4 items with one being a fruit. If a student does not take the required food components, then each item on the tray must be charged at a la carte pricing. 

Menus are posted monthly with nutritional and allergen reports.  Traditionally the menus are posted on the last Tuesday of the month.  Click on the Menu Information for all schools on the left to find your menu.

If you would like to email our department, please send your comments and suggestions to

Meal Pricing

Meals are Free to all students from September 10th to December 31st OR until Federal Funds are no longer available for this special Covid-19 funding.  For more details, please visit our news article regarding this program.

Meal prices are set to cover the cost of the food and the labor.  The SND is self funded with a goal of breaking even at the end of the school year. 

Breakfast -$1.35
Weekly Breakfast-$6.75

Elementary- $2.25
Weekly Lunch-$11.25

Middle School and High School 
            $2.50 for Regular Meal Entree
            $3.00 for Combo Meal Entree
  On the printed menu the Regular Meal entree will be listed first followed by the Combo Meals. 
   Each meal includes the 5 components- Protein, Grains, Fruit, Vegetable and Milk. 

Reduced price is .30¢ or breakfast and .40¢ or lunch.

Teacher Meals- $2.40 for Breakfast and $4.00 for Lunch

Our cafeteria kitchens are peanut and tree nut safe based on manufactures labeling.  A few products contain coconut which is noted on the allergen reports. 

A la Carte Information/Smart Snacks
Each Cafeteria sells items a la carte that meet the smart snack standards. If you do not want your student buying extra items, please contact your Cafeteria Manager as we will note this on their account.

A la Carte Pricing,nutritional and allergen information  

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