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COVID Reporting FAQs
  • Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions and information on reporting COVID-19 cases or close/household contacts.

    Q: How do I report a close/household contact or positive case?
    A: The district has set up an online reporting system for students and staff through our website at During summer programs, please contact your child's program/camp coordinator directly to report.

    Q: If I have multiple students, do I need to submit an online form for each?
    A: Yes. An individual form must be completed for each individual student or staff member who has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been identified as a close/household contact.

    Q: Will the district provide school return dates?
    A: Yes. The district has set up a quick reference guide to help quickly provide estimated return date information to students and staff on our website at The quick reference guide is just an estimate, a school district official will review your student's case and provide you an official return date.  This will be sent via e-mail to the e-mail address(es) on file in PowerSchool. 

Q. What type of test should a staff member or student take?
A. FMSD is able to accept PCR or antigen (rapid) tests administered by a health care professional. Over the counter (at home) tests are also accepted. Antibody tests are not accepted. 
  • Q: What information will I need to provide when reporting a positive case or close/household contact?
    A: Key information will include but not limited to:
  • Student or staff member’s legal name
    Date of birth
    Student id number
    School attending or work location
    Grade level
    Date of exposure or symptoms
    Date and location of test if performed (a copy of the test result if possible)
    Last contact with a positive case
    Names of any Fort Mill School District student or staff member you have had close contact with beginning two days prior to the date of symptom onset or positive test date
  • Q: How do I find my student’s ID number?
    A: You can find your student’s ID number at the top of your parent portal (PowerSchool) page. The number should begin with 822 or 950.

    Q: If I have questions about the process, who do I contact?
    A: If you have questions you should email them to your school administration. A list of school administrator’s contact information is available in the directory section of each school website.

  • Q: If I have tested positive should I inform those that I have been in close contact with?
    A: Yes. After providing a list of school and district staff that you have had contact with (up to 48 hours prior to symptoms or testing date) on the report form, you should contact those individuals directly so they can begin the quarantine process as soon as possible. Additionally, the district will only contact trace and notify students or staff members in the district and will not contact other close contacts outside the district.

    Q: What is the current guidance for quarantine/isolation/close contacts? 
  • A. Please refer to this document for updated guidance from SC DHEC