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Peachjar - Electronic Flyers

Flyer Guidelines For Peachjar Posting

PeachjarFort Mill School District’s Flyer Guidelines for Approval

In most cases, the district’s board policy does not allow paper flyers to be delivered home via a student. However, the school district realizes parents want to be informed of events and programs within their child’s school and throughout the school district. Additionally, there are so many wonderful opportunities for families to take advantage of within York County during the school year and throughout the summer months.

The Fort Mill School District has therefore contracted with Peachjar, a company that securely delivers electronic flyers to our parents and makes those flyers available to our online community.

How does Peachjar benefit parents?

District approved flyers are delivered directly to parents by email and will keep parents informed about upcoming school activities, school newsletters/programs/events and community or youth activities/programs/events.

When Peachjar is initially launched, parents will receive a welcome email directly from Peachjar, which includes a username and password. To ensure smooth delivery of this communication, please add [email protected] to your email contacts. Parents may opt out of receiving emails through Peachjar at any time and may also set the timing as to when they would like to receive flyer information.

If an email is not received from Peachjar, that indicates the district does not have an updated email address for you in PowerSchool, our database system. You should contact your child’s school and ask them to update your PowerSchool information.

Non-profit organizations and others — How do you get a flyer approved?

The Fort Mill School District allows approved flyers (in PDF format only) from nonprofit (501c3) organizations (Boy Scouts, the YMCA, Girl Scouts, Foundation for Fort Mill Schools, Girls on the Run, etc.) — providing their material meets our standards and has been pre-approved by the Superintendent’s Office.

We do not approve the distribution nor web publication of a flyer by a for-profit organization even if that organization is offering something “free” to our students. We also do not approve fundraising efforts from nonprofit groups.

No commercial publications will be posted or distributed unless their purpose is to further a school activity, such as graduation, class pictures or class rings or to offer a pre-approved enrichment opportunity to our students.

Schools, school support groups, and booster clubs can post and distribute their flyers, newsletters and important information usually at no cost. If a flyer describes an activity or event with a fee, both of the following criteria must be met in order for the flyer to be posted without charge.

  • The activity/participation fee must be payable to the school, school district, or the school’s authorized parent group; AND,
  • The activity must be conducted by school/district staff, students or by an authorized parent or parent group.


All organizations are subject to Peachjar’s service fee when they post a flyer to promote/announce an activity or event with a participation fee. This also happens when the flyer describes an event that is held without charge for the purpose of enticing attendees to buy products or services or to participate in a fee-based program or activity. Peachjar charges outside organizations a fee for this service that is typically much less than the cost they paid in the past to copy and deliver flyers to schools.

**Please note: Effective September 1, 2017 Peachjar will begin limiting Community Free (Free-for-Free) flyer distribution to one posting every 30 days for up to 25 schools per organization.

Fort Mill School District Flyer Criteria

Most importantly the organization must be a non-profit (501c3) or hold a governmental educational nonprofit institution status. Additional criteria:

  • Programs or events should be held within York County (an exception can be made for summer camp programs within a 25 mile radius);
  • Activities should benefit our students, help develop character, etc.;
  • Programs or events should be youth-related or related to youth education;
  • Flyers should not promote nor discourage religion;
  • Flyers should not promote a political party, organization or viewpoint;
  • Flyers should be nondenominational in nature;
  • Flyers should not disrupt the educational process, violate the rights of others, include material that is defamatory, invade the privacy of others, infringe on a copyright, or be obscene, vulgar or indecent.

The school district reserves the right to disallow a flyer for posting if it feels it is not in the best interest of children and their families.

What must appear on the flyer?

  • The sponsoring organization’s full name;
  • The sponsoring organization’s address;
  • The sponsoring organization’s email address;
  • The sponsoring organization’s telephone number;
  • The sponsoring organization’s web address;
  • The sponsoring organization’s primary contact person; and
  • The sponsoring organization’s non-profit 501c3 status.


Sponsoring organizations — Now what?

Contact Peachjar for pricing and discount information. Peachjar’s customer service can be reached by calling 858-997-2117, or by visiting their website at The Fort Mill School District does not collect or receive any portion of the fee charged by Peachjar.

To post a flyer, your organization will need to first register with Peachjar at Once a Peachjar account has been established, select the desired school(s) and upload your flyer. Your flyer is then automatically submitted to the district for approval. Once approved, your flyer is delivered to parents and posted online. This means parents will immediately see your flyer and be able to click through to any supplied links contained within the document. Remember, only PDF formatted files are accepted.

All requests from groups or individuals to make information about not-for-profit activities or enrichment services available to Fort Mill School District students through this website will be referred to Peachjar. 

Access to each school's Peachjar can be found on their homepage or by clicking on the following applicable link.

Catawba Ridge High School

Fort Mill High School

Nation Ford High School

Banks Trail Middle

Fort Mill Middle

Gold Hill Middle

Pleasant Knoll Middle

Springfield Middle

Doby's Bridge Elementary

Fort Mill Elementary

Gold Hill Elementary

Kings Town Elementary

Orchard Park Elementary

Pleasant Knoll Elementary

River Trail Elementary

Riverview Elementary

Springfield Elementary

Sugar Creek Elementary

Tega Cay Elementary

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