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Breakfast In The Classroom (BIC)
                             A child without breakfast or a poor breakfast may:
                                  • Feel tired during morning classes
                                  • Be irritable or restless before lunch
                                  • Get headaches or stomach aches in the morning
                                  • Be unable to concentrate on learning



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the advantages of providing breakfast in the classroom?
    Studies show that a balanced breakfast can:
              • Improve test scores
              • Lower rate of absence and tardiness
              • Reduce discipline problems and school nurse visits
              • Help reduce childhood obesity and diabetes
              • Less hectic home routines

2. How will the teacher determine who receives breakfast?
    Each school has their own procedures for breakfast in the classroom.  Each morning or the day before, the teacher will ask the students if they would like to order breakfast. Students will be given the choice of white or chocolate milk. The following students will not be able to receive breakfast in the classroom:
              • Students that are not in homeroom by the specified school time
              • Students whose parents have elected to not let their child participate. If you would like for your student to participate, please email your student's teacher. 

3. How do the meals get to the classroom?
    Students are selected to serve as the breakfast helpers.  They will be sent to the cafeteria with the breakfast order to pick up the meals in special baskets with a trash bag included. The trash will be taken to a designated area. Trash from the breakfast meal will not remain in the classroom.

4. How does my child pay for breakfast?
      If your child eats breakfast, they will need to have money in their account. Charges will be deducted from the student’s account after they receive the meal. You can go online to    $ Pay Fees  to make payments with credit/debit card and view purchases. To use the online system you will need your child’s PowerSchool ID number which is found on parent portal or your school will provide this 9-11 digit number.

5. Will this take up valuable classroom time?
    No, breakfast will be consumed during morning work and activities.

6. What kind of breakfast will my child receive?
    Our goal is to provide a nutritious breakfast in the classroom. The Student Nutrition Department will choose menu items that are appealing to the students and meet nutrition requirements. We will also keep in mind ease of transport and crumbs and spills. All meals will include an entrée, fruit and choice of milk.

7. May my student bring breakfast from home?  Please check with your school for guidance.