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Paying for Meals/Refunds/Transfers/Charge Policy
Paying for meals

Each student and employee in the district is set up with an account in the Student Nutrition Department Software. A unique student or employee identification number is used to access the account to purchase breakfast, lunch or cafe items.

For the convenience of our patrons, we offer three options to pay for meals or place money on accounts: 
Cash, Check [made payable to FMSD (School Cafe Name)],or Fort Mill School District $ Pay Fees option on our website.  This is a FREE online service that provides patrons the convenience to pay for student meals.  This payment system speeds up serving lines in the cafeteria, eliminates the need to send checks to school or worry about lost/forgotten lunch money, and ensures students will receive a nutritious meal.  Please consider using this option when paying for student meals. Payments made online are updated to your students account instantly unlike checks and cash which may take up to three days. 

$ Pay Fees can be accessed by clicking here.

To learn more about $ Pay Fees and how to set-up an account or add a student to your current account, please click here.  To set up an account you will need the full 9-12 digit PowerSchool ID number (not the lunchroom number) assigned to your student. This number is found on parent portal or you may call your child's school to obtain this number.  

Here are some frequently asked questions about $ Pay Fees:

1. How much will it cost me to sign up for this service?
Zero.  There are no fees associated with this service.  $ Pay Fees is the same system used to process school-related fees, including registration, band, athletics, yearbook, etc.

2. Do I have to add money using $ Pay Fees? 

No, but it is strongly encouraged as it is a simple process for parents and our staff.  A student’s meal account can be funded by sending in a check payable to your student’s school cafeteria; however, account funding is not immediate. Information on the check must include a phone number and the student’s PowerSchool number.

3. What is the advantage for signing up with this service?    
The advantage is that you can add funds to your student’s meal account using a debit or credit card and the funds are instantly added to your student's meal account  Email alerts for low balances are set up when balances go below $5.00.   In the future, parents will be able to set up their own email alerts.   

4. Where do I find my student's Power School number to register? 
This number is found in Parent Portal.  It is the long number after the student's name. 

5. Can my student purchase meals another way?
Meals can also be purchased by sending in a check or cash to your child's school.  Please include the lunch number and your phone number on the check in the comments section. 

6. How can I find my child's account balance?
Account balances are available thru $ Pay Fees feature on our website as well as the Parent Portal. 

Refunds or Transfers
Click the Refunds or Transfers in the top left corner to access the required forms.